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21st Century Love . . . Andy & Aria's Act II Scene V

21st Century Love . . . Andy & Aria's Act II Scene V

Act II. Scene V.
Narrator: Opens again the curtain upon our students
in the studio after a few days of introspection,
reconvening with new selfish directions.

Sly Vie main of the three
driven by narcissistic desire,

yet surprised she'll come to be
when puppeteer is found puppet
in indecency.

There she sits on a stool
in duplicity, swinging her bare legs encased in shorts.

Her expression?... A sweet smile
portraying innocence, you'll see

as Andy and Aria,
heads bent together to agree
on which outfits best
to highlight Aria's exotic looks
to artistic humanity.

Vie: Why not just use the scarf to accentuate the hazel flecks in her eyes, while the length can conceal by lying gently across her thighs.

Narrator: Quickly sifting her vision to Andy's face,
Aria replies with stunning grace:

Aria: I'm not a prude in any artist's creative endeavors,
but let's let Andy say.

I've found him to be extremely clever.

Narrator: You see, Aria already set her sights on Andy.
The bench on campus, where Vie and he daily walked,
came in very handy.

His height, head and shoulders above many men,
had caught her eye in the theatre where she performed
often winning admiration for her brilliant talent
even though darker, her native skin, fashionably adorned.

Yet, Andy was an enigma to the 'shes'. 

His inner turmoil's, first simmering, now heated to boiling
to a dangerous degree after his grandparent's death left him quite wealthy.

His tastes in life morphed,
as if overnight,
quite drastically.

Do you remember initially foretold
regarding "the conclusion of the system of things"
“Because of the increasing of lawlessness,
the love of the greater number will grow cold"? Matt. 24:3, 12.

Each of us is affected.
Yes, some like Andy,

left themselves unprotected.

With shifts in weather
many may find themselves

into spiritual inactivity.

Andy: Aria, how about now
forgetting about these additional clothes.

Why not recline on the chaise and I'll sketch while you pose.

Narrator: This he says in a voice cultured smooth as silk
causing both Vie and Aria inside to wilt.

Aria noticed Andy to be different. And Vie knew why.
His past biblical studies grew him a maturity easy to spy.

Yet, a conscience progressively growing steadily more stained
slowly erodes beautiful values once studiously maintained

while difficult to spot,

since in silence
habits ungodly cultivated
he secretly contained.

However, Andy had developed a way to feed the flames of his sins within, while cool to other's pry.

A sophistication he spins.

But, lately Aria's presence is shaking his façade.

Threatening?... A dip into a common pool:
Forsake all morals for everyday trends.

Erotic pictures to a hungry mind he nightly feeds.
But Aria he'll not relegate to fulfilling
those animalistic needs.

So, Vie's instigation
into tampering with his virtuous hesitation

has proven successful indeed.

As the three exit
with Vie and Andy to divide

Aria, returns home

while Vie continues
to Andy's reside...

Narrator: Andy needs
A Heart-to-Heart

How real is he
do you feel

his words

as sweet honey
a healing to weary bones?

Did eyes, heavy hearts rise

as warring body torn

to live life selfless;

as really free

liberated to eternity

whether heavenly or earthly
it should prove to be?

Or would you rather be left alone
to agonize through horrific storms

dark, angry

too cold?

Everyone's tragedy
food for soul?

Black or blue or red meat

you watch or initiate

Wicked rivalry do you prefer

to consort, distort, report propaganda
to divide

hiding cruelty,

snide inside


to abide?

A sparkling mirror
miraculously leaned

in one's midst
reflects an image

either tainted or clean.

Reveals motives
proper and pure
or satanically mean.

Yes, makes a distinction
in between: the righteous or the wicked.

"Draw close to God,
and he will draw close to you.

Cleanse your hands,
you sinners,

and purify your hearts,
you indecisive ones."

Is this admonition gratifying?

How real is he
do you feel

his words

a sweet healing to weary bones?

Or rather we be left alone to our vices?

We must develop an appetite
for healthy phrases

nature's arts

our loving Creator
does magnificently


From this day forward
make a start:

A relationship with God.


If you please.


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21st Century Love . . . Andy & Aria's Act II Scene III

21st Century Love . . . Andy & Aria's Act II Scene III

Act II Scene III 
Narrator: Andy and Vie stroll the same yesterday scene before all three take center stage

as necessity calls upon Vie to manipulate
a connection smoothly to innocently be made.

So off to your left watch Vie protect her web to entangle Andy and Aria and further strengthen it with spidery eggs carefully laid.

Ah! Andy remember the verse
once faithfully in totality rehearsed:

"Look out that no one takes you captive
by means of the philosophy and empty deception
according to human tradition,

according to the elementary things of the world
and not according to Christ"? Col. 2:8.

Vie has unique vices, blinded by a pendulum swinging her emotions erratically between love and hate.

Don't be blind! . . .Because
“A blind man cannot guide a blind man,
can he?

Both will fall into a pit,
will they not?" Luke 6:39.

Consider your associates before it's too late....

Vie: (Placing a hand upon his arm, Vie causes Andy to hesitate.)

Andy, look over there. She's there again. And you'll never guess what happened yesterday.

(She leans closer so as Aria not to hear.)

Aria asked for you to paint her portrait!
Since such a talented artist you are, dear.

So I gave her your number for she to ask.
But maybe it'll be too much for her. A task.

So, just go with the flow.

Surely you'll want to paint her beauty aglow!

Your work to become famous.
Your name the world to know.

Narrator: Andy incredulous looks into Vie's upturned face
as to wonder: What did you do? When Vie grabs his hand
their fingers to lace. Moving him towards Aria already stationed in place.

Vie: Ah! Here he is Aria! The man to paint you.

Narrator: But Andy's a slight bit confused.
For in his hand is money Vie left.
Him feeling used.

Though, later she'll caustically lie in explain:

"Aria's paying as a patron. Consider it financial gain
to attain your own ride since your ornery father refrains!"

However, let's get back to these three.

Aria patiently waiting for Andy to proceed.

Andy: Hi. I'm Andy. You're Aria, I know.

Aria: Yes. So you're a painter desiring greater progress to show?

Vie: And with you as a model with great beauty bestowed,
Andy, you can't go wrong! This is so right!...

Oh, I wish I could be there in an atmosphere where inhibitions are relaxed for great relationships to grow.

Narrator: As the curtain closes, a noose tightens for Andy, true.

Now is the time for he
to consider closely which path rightly to choose:

Strong associations with ones like-minded
in hopes future or his nurtured virtue threatened

maybe him even enjoyably to lose

yet, swiftly trailing
guaranteed grievous repercussions
varied in scope or degrees
of difficulty for anyone even prepared
to cope?

Will his free-will
cause him temptation

to refuse?

Remember Andy:

"Whoever trusts in his own heart is stupid,
But the one who walks in wisdom will escape." Pro. 18:26.

"The heart is more treacherous than anything else
and is desperate.

Who can know it? Jer. 17:9.

Those following this tale
already know Andy's fate.

However, you must consider Vie's emotional state
imitating chaos worldwide

escalating more of late.

Across the revolving backdrop scene
images flash of these titles or tragedies
in which many today are forced to deal with or relate:

Rescuers resume grim search for dead in flooded Freetown 
Hundreds join silent London march for fire victims 
Police Brace for More White Nationalist Rallies, but Have Few Options
Driver purposely steers into French pizzeria, killing girl
Argentinian Hunter Trampled And Killed By Elephant In Namibia.
Yemen cholera cases exceed half a million.

Yes, decisions on who to love; what career to choose
while an international world continues on course of a prophecy centuries ago slated:

“Nation will rise against nation.”—Matthew 24:7.
“There will be food shortages.”—Matthew 24:7.
“There will be great earthquakes.”—Luke 21:11.
“In one place after another pestilences.”—Luke 21:11.
People will “betray one another and will hate one another. . . . The love of the greater number will cool off.”—Matthew 24:10, 12.
“Men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, . . . having no natural affection.”—2 Timothy 3:2, 3.

Yes even: “This good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth.”—Matthew 24:14.

And as student protests on Andy & Aria's campus
their budding beginning

to secrecy relegated.

Stay loyally tuned :-).....TO BE RESUMED

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21st Century Love . . . Andy & Aria's Act II Scene II

21st Century Love . . . Andy & Aria's Act II Scene II

Act II Scene II 'She' approaches Aria back at the bench
at her last period's end with a 'post-it' containing Andy's number written in pen.

Narrator: 'She' did indeed "round the block."
Inside her brain a 'tick tock' not in vain.

'She' not recalling
unlike to be "children, tossed about as by waves
and carried here and there by every wind of teaching

by means of the trickery of men,

by means of cunning in deceptive schemes."

'She' decided Andy hers by any worldly wicked means.

Shyly she broaches Aria with a notion.

She: Hi. Isn't your name Aria?

Aria: Who wants to know? And why? (Cutting curt with a simple smile.)

Narrator: At a young age, Aria learned suspicious to proceed when others, not 'true' friends but strangers wanted to pry.

She: Oh!... It's just that... you know, Andy--the guy with an amazing artistic eye?... Well, he'd be flattered to paint you. He asked me to inquire. Your beauty inspires him to give it a try.

Aria: Didn't I see you both earlier today?... Why didn't he approach, given what you just had to say?

Narrator: 'She' hadn't figured on Aria's lack of vanity just allowing 'She' to maneuver through pride and narcissistic greed.
The need to be stroked on which 'She' herself did feed.

Lowering her head, eyes raised as in secret to utter, 'She' began another lie to mutter.

She: You see, Andy's religion keeps him confined. Manipulates his life, his spirit, his mind. Yet, when he sees you, he wants to revolt.

To throw in the towel. His conscious revoke.

Narrator: With this line of thinking Aria did not agree.
Yet, peaked indeed was her curiosity.

Aria: By-the-way, what is your name? Forgive me my crudeness.
Sometimes my lack of manners brings me shame.

She: Oh, just call me 'Vie'. Maybe we can be the best of friends.
I wouldn't ask. Sometimes I'm extremely shy.

Narrator: Suddenly a high wind almost unhinges Andy's cell number from Aria's hand. With swift action it contained, both girls exit the stage the beginning of a relationship detrimental to remain.

Vie with plan initiated and Aria suitably engaged.
Unbeknown to Andy, who'd be irritated with Vie's conspiracy
to inner rage... TO BE CONT'D.

21st Century Love . . . Andy & Aria's Act II Scene I

21st Century Love . . . Andy & Aria's Act II Scene I

Act II: 'Her' Penance
Scene I:
Narrator: The curtain opens with Terrifying 'She' who caused Aria such intense misery laid up in a hospital room recovering from burns in the 3rd degree.

Tilted blinds darkening, casing shadows
aggravated her serious mental gloom.

Though an IV bag hangs
a headache gigantuous causes her this pain
galvanized by her analysis of
what went wrong

in her scandalous game
induced by a germinating envy.

Not her intention
to join Andy & Aria blissfully together.

Andy she craved to strip
also of his 'conscientious' endeavors.

'She begins to visualize Aria in replay.

'She': While strolling to class one day 
discussing actual physical weather

I noticed Andy eyeing Aria

hot must have been her bottom propped top
a cement bench's back

in skin-tight black mini

while cool must've been her bosom poking
over the 'v' of a sweater cropped.

As we passed by
Andy murmured: "She's too beautiful to die."

My insides freaked out like a snake spit venom in my face.

But I kept my cool
though I burned hotter
than a volcano in rumble.

Me always there to catch him
when I trip him to morally fall or stumble.

How did he miss out on my intentions?

Coy I tried to be.
Not blatant my desires to unladylike mention.

"And just what was wrong with his eyes to see
how other guys oggled timid sophisticated me?"

So in my slighted mind developed a plot
to finally get this guy gotten besot.

I just needed a bit of time to "walk around the block".

When I finished with him
to all his actions
would prove to be a terrific shock!

Then dropped the curtain on her anger which still continues to rock
her peace and serenity. Although Aria is dead because of 'She's' vanity. . . TO BE CONT'D
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21st Century Love . . . Andy & Aria's [Scene VI.]

Act I Scene VI

Narrator: Placed on suicide watch for several days.
Every fifteen minutes or so inmates appointed to invade Andy's space to keep him from caving.

Andy: All this protective attention's unwarranted.
Where were they when my Aria's life I spilled?

Then I should've been quarantined. Justification legitimate.

Now she and he are stilled.
Up on a daisied hill peaceful verdant they await

Yes, for now they lay dormant.
They are at peace.

Narrator: If furtive eyes were what his guardian inmates sought
Andy did not them permit a glance into his thoughts
which would not have pleased
for they would have believed
him seeking a way discomfort to ease.

Yet, motives, desires, one's inner reflect
not always through the eyes can an outsider detect.

Worst case scenarios someone may suspect
imputing wrong motives based upon personal ideas
situations in error to connect.

Though, empathy is crucial; yes always valid.
An internationally humane way to lovingly interconnect.

Andy: With this constant surveillance, my life scrutinized
how will I continue Aria's hidden letter--
my supposed reason for this threatened demise?

Narrator: So Andy rested days upon days.
Able to analyze Aria's definition of fear in a glaze.
Her silent statement thoughtfully made:

Don't let fear annihilate you to end your always.

Lying on the mattress
gazing at the ceiling his new sky overhead
Andy considered Aria's love

how initially it kept him determined


Amazed at how her letter protected
close to his heart
even in her death

its presence kept him sweetly
from combusting totally apart.

He dreamed of their beginning.
How they'd never wanted to part.

Now here he lays remembering
how he and she got their unlikely start

as the words of a poem special
spoke to his broken heart:

Narrator: Aria's voice lulls Andy to sleep
as his sightless eyes see her kneeling at his imprisoned feet
dressed white cotton

speaking tranquil words he mouthed in repeat.

Aria: Young men,
you tender virgins,
those stillborn in death

Sweet sleep
your gentle passage
'til called in glorious renew

your days to endless splendor
your feet through golden sands;

though now: a time of danger
anxiety for imperfect man.

Yes, sweet your sleep,
you'll not remember;

as rising suns chase settling moons
seventy/eighty years
the living mourning

in cycles crying
these shortened

Narrator: Andy recalls this verse implanted in his soul
although everyday living had buried it cold:

“Your dead will live.

My corpses will rise up.

Awake and shout joyfully,
You residents in the dust!

For your dew is as the dew of the morning,

And the earth will let those powerless in death come to life." Isa. 26:19.

This gave Aria's poem their meaning, value.
Their precious worth. . . TO BE CONT'D

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*Sweet Sleep...

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21st Century Love. . . Andy & Aria's Story Scene V

21st Century Love . . . Andy & Aria's [Scene V.]

Act I Scene V
Narrator: With her battered pages held timid, Andy attempts to again read Aria's letter through, though his bleeding heart gushing him guilt, creates a gullied rift in his desires,

disabled him of steady large artistic hands
contradictory in their caress then abuse of her. 

When had he developed this demon inside?... Why, in an instant, could his anger torch a forest into fire?

He tried again to let her words in him life inspire.

Andy: (Reads aloud her words in hope
these prison bars in days to cope.)

Dear Andrew.

(His fingers crush the precious pages,
while sobbing tears dampen them like dew.

He lays them upon the cot
smoothing them out to start anew.)

Dear Andrew. Please read this poem entitled: Fear Fleshed Out* to you remind how I once viewed this life of mine:

Narrator: Andy visualizes Aria seated on a wooden stool, wearing one of his favorites silk dresses, colored vibrant blue.

She voiced soft words designed to breech his divided soul. His rational self many times just out-of-reach.

Aria begins to read.
Her tone with meaning deep imbued.


on this precipice







above the ocean,

the speed of which


of robe--


my onion skin.

I climbed this mount
turned mountain.

the steep steps

"ain't good enough"--

often repeated



higher and higher;

silver linings.


First I floated
on a lake of crystal clear
rippled waters,



quench my thirsty soul.


bobbing and thrashing,


on the
agitated waves

of cannonball


a drift;

so why glance
for a sail?

(Do I really


Is this place


the steps

escaping the whirling

blessed efforts
to inspire.



plucked at my core;

mimicked stroked strings
of the harp

to pacify





seeped through







on this crusty soiled floor. 



in flight free
and easy,

birds in abundance,


their varied sounds


Their melodies unclear.


I climbed those steps
way above those birds;
Above that ocean.

I climbed higher
even when

my legs grew heavy
in the exertion.


I lie--cold and frozen.


I will shut
my tired eyes,

just a tiny while




Narrator: For Andy this was too much.

He curled his large frame into a tight human ball
in the corner of his cell

as a guard on duty kept watch so as to an alarm call

while Andy rocked and moaned
in this wretched zone hours upon hours
his pathetic cries echoing the concrete prison hall.

Yes, Andy rocked and moaned

in this self created
private hell now called home... TO BE CONT'D


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A 21st Century Love Story. . . Andy & Aria's Scene IV

21st Century Love . . . Andy & Aria's [Scene IV.]

Scene IV. Andy in his cell fast asleep on his feet dreaming of his previous tranquil life

outside of jail.

Narrator: "The shrewd one sees the danger and conceals himself, but the inexperienced keep right on going and suffer the consequences."—Prov. 22:3.

Andy knew these words from an ancient Proverb many times heard. Grew up with them.

Yes... Considered by many: an intelligent nerd.

But to this proverb he now thorough witness bears; so utterly true; his agonizing despair due to current catastrophic circumstances spiraling his 6 by 8 feet world. 

Funneled, his thoughts, into this black hole of devastation profoundly new.

Let's watch what now happens...

Andy unexpectedly views Aria gliding before him beautifully clad in a dress fiery red in hue. He grips the bars watching like esurient wolves do. Not unlike the youthful thundering brood crowding the auditorium's stage galvanized by Aria's seductive movements, Andy's vision in review.

The crew enraptured as moths to a midnight's flickering flame eager to singe their quivering wings fatefully too.

Andy: Spitfire then ice.
No virtue. Just vice. Aria.

I remember that dance--no sweetness.
Just spices...

Delicious... delicious!

Narrator: Andy recalls his adolescent dreams on his bed. His every night wishes.

Andy follows her performance with his heart, mind, his eyes. As a young man he learned her ways. Then he threw in his righteous dice.

Andy: She whirled; she twirled. Flicked her eyes wondrously towards me.

O' so nice!... Her form setting me free to burst forth and fly through earth's galaxies in sweet exquisite explosive delight! 

Narrator: Andy's reveries: every instance in which he saw her. His senses plucked like vibrating strings of a guitarist unleased in a heavy metal band's frenzied final last stream.

Supplied upon idyllic demand Andy begins to sweat. To salivate. Pace his tiny cubicle. A simple twitching in his jaw. A greedy hunger to his gait.

Agitated, although still asleep, like any confined mice spinning their wheels. Craving an unlocked cage door to attain the cheese at whatever the price.

Their mind racing to obstacles overcome in compliance of free-will.

Then tears begin from his eyes to spill when Aria disappears from his gaze as at the end of a romance movie's reel.

Andy's face loses its tension.

He glances around the cell as if of another period of time. Another horrified alien dimension.

He retrieves Aria's letter from the floor. Thinks of all parental guidelines given him before.

Returns to his cot.
Picks a few irritating bugs, lice.

Places his head in quivering hands.

Andy: I was naïve.

Raised to be honorable.

To always think twice.

He begins to again read Aria's last loving advice. . . TO BE CONT'D

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21st Century Love . . . ANDY & ARIA'S STORY Scene III

21st Century Love . . . Andy & Aria's [Scene III.]


Scene III.
Narrator: As a seasoned officer retreats towards hall's end,
this blood curling howl as a wounded wolverine
did his stalwart spine bend.

Hesitating a moment more to fully comprehend,
if needed more backup his safety to defend.

But Andy sat rocking his cot at rapid pace. As if he had entered some secret quick race. Yet, any who could observe great distress in his face knew better than enter. Just leave him his space.

For Andy had dropped Aria's letter
to his cell's cement floor
when suddenly backing away from his prison's iron door.
His trembling encountered
would leave his pride sore

if not for her message she him did implore:

I love you, dear Andy. Indeed still I do.
Although, if receiving this letter
our deaths did ensue.

But, please forgive yourself quickly in time.
For reasons you have to live--God's love so divine...

This angered Andy more than his actions ever could.
For mentioning a Creator, Aria never should.

AndyHer newfound belief is what started a rift!
Now even in death her strong faith does persist!

Andy leaps from his corner like a tiger in attack! Grabs hold of her letter as if to sling it into a cavern or crack. Then suddenly his arms go limp. His back too in sorrow goes slack

as sobbing does grip him.
Drops him dead in his tracks.

For a vision does freeze him.

Aria arrives on the scene.

His arm reaches for her;
between bars he squeezes to lean.

He sees her in agony
after hearing her scream.

She rocking quickly on their carpeted studio floor. While he stands belligerent before her, this one he adores. Though, at the moment, his eyes blood red and his actions:

To demean.

She pleads him to recede if not leaving slick liquor alone.
But he was the master of his expensive home.

He lifted his hand to give her another quick whack. But she scurried out of reach. Snatched up her leather bag. Then fled from the kitchen into the black darkness

too hurt to look back.

Andy: Oh, Aria! I'm sorry. Forgive me! Please do.

Come back to me lovely! I'm lost without you...

Narrator: His words trailing away, for a doctor had entered the cell. Gave Andy a shot to him swiftly subdue.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A 21st Century Love Story . . . Andy's & Aria's

Narrator: Enters. Robed as a judge and king, he unrolls a scroll as in ancient times, after removing its ring. His voice, not lofty, but regal almost sings, as in a distant background you faintly hear a trumpet before beginning to proclaim:

I read this quote in regards to the 21st century and what type life it brings.

Andy & Aria's day... Their love a tragic thing:

"But know this, that in the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here. For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, haughty, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, disloyal, having no natural affection, not open to any agreement, slanderers, without self-control, fierce, without love of goodness, betrayers, headstrong, puffed up with pride, lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God, having an appearance of godliness but proving false to its power; and from these turn away." 2 Timothy 3:1-5

With these sinful traits the prevalent attitudes of the day, how would love prevail?... Would it endure or always stray?

Let's look in on Andy, sentenced, in prison no longer delayed. Let's hear his thoughts. Glean what he now has to say:

Act I. The Sentence

Scene I. Andy rolled out onto the stage. Pacing like a angered lion agitated in his lonely cage, his 'guns' gripping solid bars in a rage. Anxiety flipping his luxuriant ponytail worn artistically long at his young age.

Andy: When his gravel slammed down behind sad words "25 years" on my life, I felt no anger. Already defeated when I killed my wife.

What future have I with Aria and my 'unborn' son dead? I would gladly trade all my inherited money instead.

To whither away in here for so long?... Why not just end it now?
Today, to be gone!

When I see her blood on my hands, what more is a second in eternity's span?

Why did they not give me 'death'?... How did they know I'd prefer it? Why exist any longer? I will not defer it!

For now left, bereft!... Not just for murder, a thief for my theft.

With my Aria gone...

Scene II:
Narrator: At that upon his tiny cot in its dank corner he wept until exhausted. For a brief moment slept.

Wheeled off the stage in a vision or dream, we see Aria pregnant arrive on an earthly scene.

Paused at a dark window opened to midnight see, she in a silken green negligée turned her back on this starry glorious scene.

Her forehead in wrinkle betraying a frown; she slowly sits dejectedly down at a desk to compose a letter grave; not, serene. All-the-while emitting soft cries and stroking her belly, gazing thoughtfully at what she wrote, wistfully, at intervals in between.

The wording she found difficult, but she needed to write, about their love which strong existed, before they commenced to argue plus regularly fight.

This, of course, started brewing whenever 'she' entered. A gloom. Whether physically or mentally. A wickedness commenced to all consume. Her beauty was poignant. Her intelligence, bright. But when she slyly appeared, she caused Aria intense fright.

No. Aria's no coward. Possessed looks of her own. A wisdom profound. Men couldn't leave her alone.

Yet, in regards to Andy she seemed to lose precious sight. His love she possessed ardently, whole-souled, though labeled by most adults an insidious blight.

She'd not wisely acknowledge: his forcefulness left her cold. For her insides were ignited like embers blazing; not felt to ever wane old. Although, the goals in her life were buried ever so deep. His attention left her no room or time them to nourish nor seek.

But, O what a splendor his love! Made her bloom. To the heavens to peak.

As she sealed the sad letter, she knew it was through. But for baby unborn, necessity was due.

So Aria stands; then exits the stage in a pensive, strange daze; as Andy reappears. Awakened from his somber haze, as a guard hands him the letter.

We encounter an Andy confused yet hungrily amazed... TO BE CONT'D