Monday, March 19, 2018



arable land
of which Adam

from which we plant,

The same land
of which is said:

"He has established the earth
on its foundations;
It will not be moved
from its place

forever and ever."

Even though, on it,
millions have bled

fighting for 'rights'
when the wrong minds

Flat and Round

An oblate spheroid—

"squashed at its poles"
"swollen at the equator."

This twisting on its axis
causes us
no fear

of dipping into vastness
in a sudden disappear.

Promised made
from Our Creator's
symbolic lips:

"From now on,
the earth will never cease to have
seed-sowing and harvest,
cold and heat,
summer and winter,
and day and night."

These wondrous words

of breath-snatching
and soul-disarming
solar eclipses.

Imagine forever.
Not too young,
yet never old.

Keep living to see

Earth's Future

Thursday, August 31, 2017

21st Century Love . . . Andy & Aria's Finale

 The final curtain rises on how our story began with our dear Andy jailed. Now lying limp upon his cot

believing himself a prisoner for 25 years destined to rot.

(Although, Vie's plot had been thoroughly derailed.

She sped away from the deadly scene
with a private investor hot on her trail.

At her ridiculous speed her car careened
into a thick oak tree.

The investor able to set her free from its roaring flames.

Her injuries?
Burns. To the third degree.

Hospitalized now.
Under strict security.)

While, Andy night after night tosses and turns.
Aria's letter engraved upon his heart. For her he yearns. 

"For the bed is too short to stretch out on,
And the woven sheet is too narrow to wrap up in."*

(Felt this way even as powerful leaders today.

Also, those who put trust in them.
Since their proclaimed refuge-a proven lie.

These nations not indefinite to stay.

Only their arrogance keeps them continuing to try.)

Narrator: Speaking of being humbled after extreme arrogance...

Andy: (On his back gazing at the ceiling.)
As her husband I've failed her

Narrator: Is Andy's continual cry...

(He muses poetic.)

Andy: I'd trade a thousand lovely lies, for one painful truth
I shall not despise.

Cinderella wasn't a happily ever after.
Millions of divorces deride in tragic proof.

Swatting flies with our wedding certificate
symbolizing how a roaring flame dwindles,
if not even singly inflamed,
into embers dying growing steadily
insignificant. Like the feather
weighing more than all the love
you left me. Nearly broken.
Under a bleeding moon.

Then poof!

Flying to Death.
Leaving the Living behind

though, never ready, when it's saying goodbye...

Yet, there exists a heroism in
the silence of accepting the end

as one Can't save a falling star.

A third of the heavens ousted down
exemplify this terrifying truism

our earth now
their iniquitous

That traveling light fleeing your sight?
If you can see it, its dead.

Dead still
when you gaze again

pretending that it'll never end.



dried out one's will to live
if not forgiving
oneself and others

letting go.


"Your dead will live.
My corpses will rise up.

Awake and shout joyfully,
You residents in the dust!

For your dew is as the dew of the morning,

And the earth will let those powerless in death come to life."

So, dear Aria.
Once again in the future near maybe I'll too with you:

"Enjoy life with your beloved wife all the days of your futile life,
which He has given you under the sun,

all the days of your futility,

for that is your lot in life
and in your hard work at which you toil under the sun.

Whatever your hand finds to do, do with all your might, for there is no work nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom in the Grave, where you are going."

A 'truth' painful or lovely to you?*

Narrator: Andy hears Aria's voice coo.
His heart quickens. He begins to smile.

He leaps off his cot and runs to the bars
where he visualizes Aria with a baby in a carriage
strolling across the stage.

His glazed eyes gaze at her. Lovelier. As always.

Face tranquil. Easy. Without guile.

Thank you. (His arms reaching through.)

You made me remember as advised to:

"Ponder over these things;
be absorbed in them,

so that your advancement may be plainly seen by all people.

Pay constant attention to yourself
and to your teaching.

Persevere in these things, for by doing this you will save both yourself and those who listen to you." 1 Tim. 4:15, 16.

It's no longer a painful truth. I took the reproof.

I am just so sorry that from you I'd selfishly hidden
life-saving proof.

But know you'll always be
a lovely wife to me.

Sleep peaceful. You and thee.

I so look forward again to the future
with our merciful Creator bringing you and our little one
back to be

You, me, he or she
under His Divine Sovereignty.
Us a blossoming universal faithful
eternal family.

(Aria and the baby no longer in sight.)

Narrator: Still, as Andy enjoys the stream
of his sleep-walker dream,

His mother and father nervously to the station appear.
For paying bail set for Andy. His imperfect name to clear.

The curtain closes.


When it all began: 21st Century Love... Andy & Aria's Story

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

21st Century Love . . . Andy & Aria's Act III Scene VI

21st Century Love . . . Andy & Aria's Act III Scene VI

Act III Scene VI
 Aria's words shocked Andy. He stalked back then forth,
no longer buzzed. His thoughts bouncing his emotions off any definite course.

Andy: What did she mean... HIV?... Who's she slept with?
I'll crown that guy king!

Narrator: Andy stops at the lovely statue of Aria to angrily lean.

Andy: Aria, just what did you do?...
I made you my queen.

Narrator: Andy drops to his knees.
Begins to harshly cry

when suddenly he remembers her words
before she of necessity did fly:

Aria's voice heard: Andy, 'She', your friend, gave our family HIV. Deal with that! 

I hope you and her will be happy together in your lustful iniquities!

Narrator: Andy's head suddenly jerks up. His stomach burns as it churns like about to erupt.

It dawned on him to recall his own sins

consisting mainly of exploits with Vie.
Greedy sexual and hallucinatory spins.

Andy: But after getting with you, Aria, that lustful period eroded to die! (He, of horror, insisted.)

I'm not just saying this Sweet Aria as an alibi. When I went there yesterday. I went to say forever good riddance and 'good bye!'

My God, Aria. I'm sorry...I've been remiss...

Narrator: Andy remembers the rally, jumps to his feet. 
Un-balls the flyer; takes a look at the date.

Remember's its intensity. Takes off in fleet

before its too late.

The curtains closes as Andy's on the run.

The sun has already set.
A tragedy already begun.


Aria hasn't moved from the bench. Her mind still processing this afternoon's culminating events.

Yet, as dim shapes
in the night's breeze
before her sway and play,

her spirit at peace

has caused
an inescapable delay,

as she in sincerity
and awe-inspired

gratefully prays.

Aria: No

you are,



into the
of our


as if


all of them,

Why should you be



by puppet masters--

those who
the stage,





managing our world


for inattentive

So Let There Be Light

on many



you are
to remain,

to Forever
an arena
for fleeting mankind's

For you
there will be

No more

Narrator: Yet, floating on the evening air now chilled
her ears become tuned to an angry mob approaching from over the slight hill. 

She stands surprised
to find herself soon facing many familiar
of her peers.

But especially,

she notes Vie heading this harsh crowd chanting:

"Kill her!... Kill her!"
Aria horribly hears.

A pop like a fircracker.

The mob as quickly disperses.

As Andy sees Aria hit the ground a howl of complete anguish from deep depths unconscious

inhuman in sound

soulfully emerges.

Andy: Aria! Aria!... (He grabs her gently up)... Help me! Help me! Please! Someone!... (As her face tenderly he cups.)


I'm sorry. Speak to me.

Narrator: Aria slowly opens her eyes. Begins to smile,
while a trickle of blood from a corner of her lips slips.

Andy grabs her tight as he begins to bawl.

Aria: Aw...babe...Stop crying. (She whispers her words.)
I knew you would come. You do love us. (Andy bends closer to her mouth

so as to cherish what he heard.)

I told our baby
his father us did love.

He just needed a little push.

And look...

I am so sorry, babe.

Here we are.

(She smiles a little pathetically.)

I guess we've been given
a shove.

Narrator: As Aria's eyes again close,
this time for good,

Andy loses it.

Andy: Oh my God!... Help me. Oh my God, my God... I've killed her...

Narrator: Andy is suddenly grabbed by both arms and yanked up by officers.

But among the trees is where Vie silently stood... TO BE CONT'D

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

21st Century Love . . . Andy & Aria's Act III Scene V

21st Century Love . . . Andy & Aria's Act III Scene V

Act III Scene V
 The curtains are drawn back to continue the scene.

When Aria saw Andy's six-pack lacking three in his left hand her mind went volcanically active after anguish given cruel birth through worry. Emotions careened.

Heart, definitive in its lack of mirth.

as lightening stabs
not gloriously striking as when across a midnight sky

hurled through her
crushing like boulders dense in blackness excavated
to pulverize her soul back to mere dirt. Earth.

Aria slowly raised her head. Then she sat back upon her legs as if too weary. No longer by thrill of first love fed.

She asks, while Andy fidgets. Unable to square off and look her steadily in the eye.

Aria: Andy, where were you?

Narrator: Andy sets down his drink.
Not inclined to give thought to think.

Andy: Nowhere, Aria.

Narrator: Aria found it difficult to blink.

Aria: Nowhere?... Then why weren't you here?
Were you with 'she'?

Andy: No Aria!... Though 'she' is my friend!

Narrator: Aria's head drops.

Aria: How can that be when she is my enemy?

Narrator: Aria begins to murmur:

Aria: Andy,

Your words
tricky thus sticky
pulled at the core of my worth

once believing their utterances
conceived in love


way above my insecurities.


once again braised
upon knees

my desire pleads with you:

Lift me up; raise me as high
as once your sky!

But this snickery of yours I can't abide.

Snide and deceitful hides of your whereabouts;
then angry strides and shouts

shoving my nerves around.

Cuddling me
then busted


Around like a Ferris wheel.

Downs extremely down.

How did you entrap
swallow me whole

where darkness dwells?
Where I am cold.

Why did I falter
and fall into
when my intelligence usually
lets me see through?

Your smoothness became a tranquil sea.
Bluer that any horizon given me.

Your lips of venom were honey sweet
to drip upon my thirsty tongue.
To skip my patter of its beat.

Your touch a flame to heaven send

now bends me forth
to curl in pain
from poison rushing from my heart
to cripple me
through shrinking veins

pinching the oxygen
from my weak and famished

How did you know
for me to seek?
What deep inside
did you true peek?

Your handsomeness disguised your hate.
Your treachery

will seal my fate?

Am I too late?

Shall I be as Eve,
since so thoroughly deceived

laid to rest and then to dust
for lacking sense of whom to trust?

The web you spun to capture me...

To humor you?
To murder me?*

Narrator: By this time Aria's frame, though still not standing, is rigid in its anger to Andy defy. Whack!

Aria touches her face. Her heart in race. When Andy reaches back to again strike.

Yet, Aria grabs her leather bag. Slings back:

Aria: Andy, 'She', your friend, gave our family HIV. Deal with that! 

I hope you and her will be happy together in your lustful iniquities!

Narrator: Then Aria flees through their kitchen backdoor,
down the fire-escape to construct a plan which will help her regain a semblance of her former serenity.

Headed to the campus theatre near
she thought to dance away her anger and this nagging fear.

The curtain closes on Andy as Aria reaches their usual bench
unaware of a rally brewing. Opposers against interracial couples hateful enough to Aria lynch.

With no desire to rhythms past heed, Aria pulls out her phone to shots of Andy while sitting to meditate on love's chaotic deeds:

Aria: What about Love
does us crazy make?

Forsaking all


though graven
their mistake when
splayed as wet spaghetti
on a plate made dirty

you arrived;

but laid, now,
you out,
in glorious

as if one prized

by this soul
of late
full of volcanic hate.

What about love
drives us to pursue
this one whose back
always beckons you?

Is this what
true love
is prone to do?

Love is patient.
Love is kind.

So why do I feel intense
your despise?

My red heart
you turn to blues
strumming my life away

chasing yellow

Twilight the passage
shadowing the day-

light not brightening
the darkness
of your departure--.

eager in anger.

frightened kitten-like
in my home's corner
until this one
to further


Is this love?

What about Love?

It's time!
For me to let it show!

For others to see
how much I've grown.

brings sweet soil to grow
as poppies under a radiant sun
spreading beauty to the eye's of all

the sum of all our efforts

and even those who never did become
soft and caring after all we've done.

Well, keep the candle flaming
though it may flicker!

We can still shine brightly
even in stormy nights
with our wicks protected
to further bestow.

Stay aglow.

This is love!

Not hidden.

It brings delight.

My war has ended.
I've abandoned vengeances' fight.

For it's all about Love
with total might
for all that's right.

I pray in time
you'll too

from a raging sea
and find the calm.

Maybe then you'll

a valued gift
to the world;
to me.


Narrator: Now Aria is ready on the theatre's empty stage to perform, since her life has regained its mission. No longer to bitterness and animosity

unhappily succumb... TO BE CONT'D

Monday, August 28, 2017

21st Century Love . . . Andy & Aria's Act III Scene IV

Act III Scene IV
 Hours later, the next day, we find Aria pacing the floor. Like a butterfly flittering from chair to peeking out a cracked open door. Even to the Almighty she did implore: Let him be okay. And I know for sure.

But the hands around the clock continued their circle.

Her sadness and anger dueling in vicious cycles
as she performed as a woman scorned:

Are not our lives a tattered trust?

Consequences withstanding
men still rule mainly by lust and desires of wicked eyes.

Said of humans:

“This people approaches me with their mouth
And they honor me with their lips,

But their heart is far removed from me;

And their fear of me is based on commands of men
that they have been taught.

Therefore, I am the One
who will again do wonderful things
with this people,

With wonder upon wonder;

And the wisdom of their wise men will perish."

Yet, the Almighty who is wise and loving, true
loyal and trustworthy in all He does or will ever do
does not us despise.

In a relationship with Him
He will us cherish.

We are His children
if obedient we are despite the wounds inflicted.

Despite our scars.

He tells us to hate what is bad
and love what is good.

Why is this so often confusing
or misunderstood?

We cry for justice and equality
as we steal from Him--
His Sovereignty.

We rant and rave
insist that He us save from tyranny
from unholy war
from tragedies the whole world over.


we continue to live just the same
in all our selfish and vile or vicious ways
wanting the honor;

non deserving of endless praise.

Is this to be always
till the end of our days?


He has given his wonderful decrees
from a mouth spoken with loving ease:

"I take the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you today
that I have put life and death before you,

the blessing and the curse;

and you must choose life
so that you may live,

you and your descendants,

by loving Jehovah your God,
by listening to his voice,
and by sticking to him,

for he is your life
and by him you will endure."

The opposite:
eternal Death

brought through sin's disease

Need not be chosen.
Just do as one pleases.

Eventually one's end
in graves dug or vats placed
or waiting for morticians
in rooms totally freezing.

The Creator's purpose
with blood was bought

so obedience to His standards of righteous
ought not be spit upon with distaste.

We must fight to defend His name
in thankful grace,

He will soon
all wickedness erase.

He does not lie.
He can not die.

He will rule this earth and universal space
with or without us individually.

This is the future we all soon must face.

Choose Life

and live here Eternally
by following his guidelines to best of our degree

and supporting the likeminded to faithfully stand.
In love extend outstretched helping hands.

Then one day:

Life in perfection will be everlastingly granted
as family members once dead
will return to this land.

To All inhabitants living on a renewed earth
with plenty to eat and their own place to sleep:

Life Will Be Wonderful!
Yes, Totally Grand!

Let not sin rule
and it's sad consequences
we forever in death reap.

Why did not Andy God's love and law want to keep?
And why does he not of things so wholly important, to me, not want to speak?

Who or what deterred him from wanting such a secure future to seek?

Narrator: While at that moment, Andy arrived. Sheepish in manner, though still holding on to pride as he plops down a balled-up flyer on the table of an up-coming campus rally. They petitioning him to come and support a side.

Aria doesn't know whether to hug him or slug him.

In the end, her body just folded on to itself. Left her in the middle of the floor weeping. Rocking. Holding on to herself.

Struggling not to Andy deride...TO BE CONT'D

Sunday, August 27, 2017

21st Century Love . . . Andy & Aria's Act III Scene III

21st Century Love . . . Andy & Aria's Act III Scene III

Act III Scene III
 Curtains reopen to life's bitterness displayed
later that same evening as Andy rages in paced anger like a feline caged.

(Just where did we see this before?

Three weeks ago Act I & II,
when first this play was staged.#)

Yes, here we are in Andy's and Aria's history. Once lovely their love on parade.

Now, day-to-day an accruing misery.
Wondering where patience and goodness,


these fine attributes
were unnecessarily


Let's listen in on whatever lame reason
the fruits of the spirit, once known by Andy

were not even by osmosis, being paid.

Aria: (In her silken green negligĂ©e, grabs at Andy's arm. Not believing for an instant that he would really his darling harm.)

Andy! Please!
What's the matter... Who was that that called?

If it's Vie don't listen to her chatter!

It seems she can see us even through these thick

loft walls.

Andy: Oh yes! I believe she's clairvoyant. She told me to whom you wrote!

What is it Aria?
Why don't you believe me when of my parents, them, I spoke?

Narrator: Aria drops pleadingly before him to her knees.

Aria: Andy please! I did listen to you. I didn't keep the date I'd made.

I just needed to let them know... Whack!

Narrator: Andy back slaps her... Aria falls upon the floor as Andy stumps off even more angry before he slams their apartment door.

Meanwhile, Vie watches satisfied with her wicked scheme.
Listening as Aria to a closed door sadly protests:

Aria: Andy, I just wanted your family to love the little one inside me growing. Since they didn't do too bad a job by you.

I just need a little bit of their love and understanding

For I miss your sweetness
you once, to me, in sincerity
loved showing.

Narrator: Aria weeps briefly, until her anger, it peaks. 

She begins to scours the loft, rifling through sofa pillows
even high corners, under lampshades

looking for whatever she might glean
knowing exactly of what she seeks

to understand how Vie is able to maneuver Andy
into this constant demon mean.

While, outside Vie seated on the bench has quickly shut her laptop down. For Andy has just surfaced. His face contorted in a furious frown.

Vie: Hey Andy!... How about a drink?

Narrator: Startled, he looks at Vie. Shakes his head. Drops it.
Hands shoved deep into his pockets. He continues his thoughts to think.

Narrator: Andy turned down Vie's offer to assisthim in his determined drunken stupor. But proceeds to imbibe shot after shot to while away their separated hours. Not elevated into a better humor.

After a bit, he strolls homeward bound,
not adjusted wisely his musings instead.

Let's take a sad listen
to what liquor strong
into him

his emotions bred.

Inside Andy's head

Andy: where will I end
after tripping on this spin
between black anger then love
bouncing me wrong back to you 


my heart
head hazy
crazy within

when will it stop
pulsating drip drop



with questions brutal
not cropped

heat comes till it goes
just appears when it knows
as harsh winter with snow
flakes bitter wet as they blow

then spring peaks brief around
birds singing sweet sounds

still no laughter for clowns
and no liquor to drown

so today I'll begin
to finish
this circling trend
of reality's pretend

true love
to vigorously

my search
still rolling
me forward

tossed as brash trash
upon emotion's highway
whipping my ride

now safe and sound

wondrous bends*

his direction
now headed to Vie's apartment

is where shuffling feet
him woefully

led... TO BE CONT'D