Wednesday, August 12, 2015

"Please ... Grab Hold of the Anchor!"

"Please ... Grab Hold of the Anchor!"

by Seah Greenhorn
(Poem with copyright )

You stand, sit, or lay
on sinking sand,

it's not quick

And a twilight descends.

The sheerness of your skin
fails to defend you against caustic elements.

No one to hold you; enfold you or even scold you for....

The cold takes control of your senses.

Your mind's eyes,
looking inward

not out,

incapable of defining any definite lines
of rational

Shut down

Normal natural desires


as a river rises; higher; higher;
then rises higher more--

from tears of your own making.

They begin to swirl.
Capsuled you are

Pulled into the whirl without a tornado wind to spin you, at least, outward.

Instead the doubts:

deep, dark, bottomless

filled with those sucked in before

Weighted with worries

loss of love or
sudden livelihood;

Constant heavy

Those who dove in:

righteous extremists;

Freedom fighters

Or those who just stepped in seeing no viable future.

And now


are drowning
with no apparent fight.

Please ...

"Grab Hold of the Anchor!"

Let the Light
from Truth
                             ...............lead you ashore.

Since True...

sometimes this life's seems not worth living.

Yet a "Real Life"
Our Maker purposed.

Live...for This He has in store.

No ... we are not talking heaven,

although a few selected
must die to enter that door.

But endless peace on earth
God promised.

He can not lie ... "It is impossible!"
And Everlasting He Is--

Isn't that incredible?

So when he says:
Perfect Life

for Obedient Mankind To Be Restored ...

Isn't this worth a
"climb aboard?" from an extended hand.

(An anchor trusted for sure.)

Your Creator

Your Loyal and True
Loving Friend.