Thursday, January 29, 2015

Tongue and Pin--Should We Not Harness Their Power ... Within?

Tongue and Pin--Should We Not Harness Their Power ... Within?

By Seah Greenhorn 
(with copyright)

Instinctively wise:

The rock badger, who makes his home in the crags.

The locust, without king, but forceful and destructive; their formation forward in motion.

The gecko lizard, clinging with his feet,
even in the palace of the king.

And tiny ants gathering their food
all summer long.

Instinctively wise.

Created that way.

Can a badger
to gather with the ant?

Can the locust
to lair with the lizard?

No. ... Instinctively wise. ... The Creator's choice.

The Creator's choice?

To give us a voice.

Through tongue or pin.

Should we not


their power ...


"no human can tame the tongue."


"Thoughtless speech
is like the stabs
of a sword."

"Unruly and injurious,

full of deadly poison."

But, "the tongue of the wise is a healing."

We Must
remember this
with Feeling ...

"Death and life are in the power of the tongue."

Yet, what are we seeking?

Refreshment and
endless life.

So, this too remember is true ...

"a Spring does not cause
the fresh water and the bitter water
to bubble out of the same opening,

does it?"

So too our words.

Through tongue

or written word

they should instill


"A small part of the body ...

See how small a fire it takes to set a great forest ablaze!

The tongue is also a fire."

Likewise, the pin.

Should we not 


their power ...


Think 'atom.'

Proverbs 12:18; 18:21; 30:24-28; Ps. 19: 1, 2; John 17:3; and James 3:5-8; 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

A 'Zoo' Is Not a 'Circus'

A 'Zoo' Is Not a 'Circus'

By Seah Greenhorn
(poem with copyright)

A tragedy skillfully eluded; though casualities
not wholly spared,

when under the Supreme guidance
of the Founder

diverse creatures

(wild, domestic,
some tragically extinct)

He lovingly redirected, recaged,
and nutritionally fed.

He honestly cared.


An organization
He originally developed;

an audience
simply to impress:


and feats of nature,
especially children,
appreciatively observed, through

internationally addressed.

for the edification of All.)

A marvelous system.
A wonderful exchange.

Some audience and animal interaction.
Abundant knowledge to gain.

This atmosphere of 

He blessed.

But a 'Zoo' is
Not a 'Circus,'

though animals in common exist.
And peace between men and mammals

Must harmoniously persist.

For a 'Ring Master'

as he cracks his leather whip.

The world to seduce--an ocean.
His arrogance steers his ship.

To entertain--Now that's his profession!
Total amusement
ostensibly his desire.

For exclamations solely.
His ideas provocatively inspired.

But a 'Ring Master'
the Founder
did not need.

A 'Ring Master'
He did not hire.


The bars of security and protection
distracted guardians

hazardly forgot.

Foolishy kept raised.

Lives of humans and animals
as caretakers
humorously played.

giggles, laughs, claps and praise
once contained lions
the 'Ring Master' unwisely let prowl,

while around the grounds
snakes stealthy slithered;

unauthorized; thus unpaid.

Restraints necessary
indifferently mislaid.

Tiny chipmunks and other critters
immediately disappeared

as sidelined monkeys
paced and squealed

when crocodiles

unattended, re- or misdirected,
sadly unprotected baby seals.

Yet ... averted? ... Total chaos!
with principles old and new now applied.
The 'Ring Masters?' ... Wicked history.
Their crew forcibly fired.

Bars lowered painstakingly raised;

re-focus, gently, yet firmly renewed.

The zoo's brief ambivelent spirit
to no longer embue.

For a 'Zoo'
Is Not;

Should not ever 'be'

And a 'Circus'

Cannot Be

a 'Zoo!'

Monday, January 19, 2015

"Victim--No More!"

"Victim--No More!"

by Seah Greenhorn
(Poem and art with copyright)

How did I attract his attention?
Was it the smallness of my frame?

Did he think my virtues so minor...
my being so

Or was it
my non-exuberant

actually the blame?

My lack of attraction for him/them

the spark
that endangered this dame?

Whatever their twisted reasons...
Whatever their horrid designs...

this slave

through poetry and rhyme.

For now exists
an audience

to hear of my mental anguish;
to read of my daily strain

without obvious options

your life

in the hands of 
Aging enemies

they remain.

Patience, Prayer and Courage

These gems I thought I owned;


we met
some aspiring demons
renovating their home.

Managing their property--
No need mention of their names;

brought me
into such

as pawn
in their diabolical game.

My mate stressed;
seeking gainful employment;

Only me,

Volunteer and housewife
someone's only daughter,

an easy prey?

Desire to satisfy perverse pleasures ...

eliviating boredom
their selfish aim?

Invited into the attic
(Supposedly to see)

ladder stairs
let down
to be

a fool
my mother birthed


two strangers
to follow!
Though in sincerity,

someone higher
watched over me.

(Gave me a brain
so as not to be deceived.)

Various days avoiding
innocent tight spots
so as not to be confined

Their sinister game
more dangerous

A slow destroy of body
along with anxious mind.

If details I were to mention
you too would be suspect

of my sanity; my education
my honesty; my intellect.
(So to myself my secret kept.)

Yet, when home
I would endeavor
to endure

until unbearable
no longer felt--

a constant electric pain.

anxious concern
still remained;

I stagnated.


the energy

others to elevate.

With this inability
to inspire

I warred. With it I delt.

Since my joy?
I crave to
energically participate.

So this is my way

in my anger
to expose

those banded cowards
that mentally,

almost physically
maimed me.

Loosed me
Raised me
Freed me?

My electronic pin,

from those who my emotions,
spiderly, they entwined.

Even happily

if in this day
somehow I die

(Though give them that satisfaction?
Let them continue up to try.)

my purpose I defend.

Each link in this sordid chain

my words can them
help to identify.

"To All Rental Injustices --
An End!"

To this be our motto.

"Victim -- No More!"

To this be
Our Cry!

(Anybody know of a inexpensive tent?)