Tuesday, August 23, 2016



by Seah Greenhorn
(poem with copyright)

Your words
tricky thus sticky
pulled at the core of my worth

once believing their utterances
conceived in love


way above my insecurities.


once again braised upon knees
my desire pleads with you:

Lift me up; raise me as high
as once your sky!

But this snickery of yours I can't abide.

Snide and deceitful hides of your whereabouts;
then angry strides and shouts

shoving my nerves around.

Cuddling me
then busted


Around like a Ferris wheel.

Downs extremely down.

How did you entrap
swallow me whole

where darkness dwells?
Where I am cold.

Why did I falter
and fall into
when my intelligence usually
lets me see through?

Your smoothness became a tranquil sea.
Bluer that any horizon given me.

Your lips of venom were honey sweet
to drip upon my thirsty tongue.
To skip my patter of its beat.

Your touch a flame to heaven send

now bends me forth
to curl in pain
from poison rushing from my heart
to cripple me
through shrinking veins

pinching the oxygen
from my weak and famished

How did you know
for me to seek?
What deep inside
did you true peek?

Your handsomeness disguised your hate.
Your treachery

will seal my fate?

Am I too late?

Shall I be as Eve,
since so thoroughly deceived

laid to rest and then to dust
for lacking sense of whom to trust?

The web you spun to capture me...

To humor you?
To murder me?

Saturday, August 13, 2016



by Seah Greenhorn
( Poem with copyright ) 


Thursday, August 11, 2016

We Speak of Sin

We Speak of Sin

by Seah Greenhorn
(poem with copyright)

Are not our lives a tattered trust?

Consequences withstanding
men still rule mainly by lust and desires of wicked eyes.

Said of humans:

“This people approaches me with their mouth
And they honor me with their lips,

But their heart is far removed from me;

And their fear of me is based on commands of men
that they have been taught.

Therefore, I am the One
who will again do wonderful things
with this people,

With wonder upon wonder;

And the wisdom of their wise men will perish."

Yet, the Almighty who is wise and loving, true
loyal and trustworthy in all He does or will ever do
does not us despise.

In a relationship with Him
He will us cherish.

We are His children
if obedient we are despite the wounds inflicted.

Despite our scars.

He tells us to hate what is bad
and love what is good.

Why is this so often confusing
or misunderstood?

We cry for justice and equality
as we steal from Him--
His Sovereignty.

We rant and rave
insist that He us save from tyranny
from unholy war
from tragedies the whole world over.


we continue to live just the same
in all our selfish and vile or vicious ways
wanting the honor;

non deserving of endless praise.

Is this to be always
till the end of our days?


He has given his wonderful decrees
from a mouth spoken with loving ease:

"I take the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you today
that I have put life and death before you,

the blessing and the curse;

and you must choose life
so that you may live,

you and your descendants,

by loving Jehovah your God,
by listening to his voice,
and by sticking to him,

for he is your life
and by him you will endure."

The opposite:
eternal Death

brought through sin's disease

Need not be chosen.
Just do as one pleases.

Eventually one's end
in graves dug or vats placed
or waiting for morticians
in rooms totally freezing.

The Creator's purpose
with blood was bought

so obedience to His standards of righteous
ought not be spit upon with distaste.

We must fight to defend His name
in thankful grace,

He will soon
all wickedness erase.

He does not lie.
He can not die.

He will rule this earth and universal space
with or without us individually.

This is the future we all soon must face.

Choose Life

and live here Eternally
by following his guidelines to best of our degree

and supporting the likeminded to faithfully stand.
In love extend outstretched helping hands.

Then one day:

Life in perfection will be everlastingly granted
as family members once dead
will return to this land.

To All inhabitants living on a renewed earth
with plenty to eat and their own place to sleep:

Life Will Be Wonderful!
Yes, Totally Grand!

Let not sin rule
and it's sad consequences
we forever in death reap.